Accurate Measurement Controls, Inc.

Metering Packages Interior

Natural Gas Onshore

Accurate Measurement Controls specializes in oil and gas metering , single or combined packages.  We have Onshore Metering Systems of all kinds, including  turbine, positive displacement (PD), orifice, coriolis, and ultrasonic.  From power plants to gas  storage, let us help you with your onshore metering needs.

  • Single 12" 600# with 4" 600# Ultrasonic for Power Plant Fuel Gas
  • Ultrasonic Metering System with Flow Control for Gas Storage Facility
  • B-Directional Ultrasonic Metering Station for Gas Storage Facility
  • NGL Metering System
  • Remote Meter Package with Power & Communication
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Natural Gas Offshore

We have offshore custody transfer oil and gas metering packages for all of your offshore gas metering needs.  

  • Dual 8" 600# with Slot for Future - GOM
  • Dual 4" 600# with Condensate Metering- GOM
  • Triple 10" Gas Meter Skid with G.C. Shelter
  • Dual 12" 900# Meter Station - Trinadad
  • Dual 12" Gas Meter Skid with 12", 6", 2" Orfice Meters
  • Dual 8" 600# with Single 4" Ultrasonic Meter Skid

LACT Units Onshore & Offshore

The main purpose of LACT Units is to accurately measure both the quantity and quality of the crude oil which passes through them. An effective LACT Unit must have a high degree of accuracy and precision and should give results that are repeatable, linear, and stable. Additionally, the LACT Unit should have a high degree of provability which refers to the ability to prove the meter’s performance and results and which affects the overall confidence level in the machine.  Our units are able to measure volumes 100-1000 BOPD, provide automatic measurement, sampling, and transfer of oil from lease location into a pipeline, and are applicable where larger volumes of oil are being produced.

  • 100,000 BPD LACT - 900# ANSI
  • Corlolis Meter Skid
  • 24" 900# Bi-Directional Ball Power
  • Dual 4" LACT


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